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The MLM Startup Conference: Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company

MLM Startup Conference!
The MLM Startup Conference: Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company

The MLM Startup Conference: Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company

Feb 22 & 23, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada

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MLM Software Articles

MLM Software: Direct Sales Communication - The biggest cry we hear from field sales consultants in the Direct Sales industry is "We need more communication!"   How many times have consultants told corporate or their up-line that they did not know or found out too late about an opportunity meeting, product change, compensation plan change, training seminar or conference (and the list goes on).
MLM and Identity Theft - The fact is, identifying information is collected from millions of customers to whom MLM distributors sell products or place drop-ship orders.  Identity theft is a growing concern.
MLM By The Numbers - The statistics and reports you receive about your Multi-Level Marketing company helps you use numbers to make yourself a better networker in a "people" business.

MLM Software - No successful direct selling company has ever sustained that success without a great computer system behind it.  Here are the things you need to know about computer systems and software programs.

FTC v Bigsmart - A Slap And A Leash - The FTC accused Bigsmart of encouraging distributors to purchase multiple web sites and qualify those web site "shopping malls" by purchasing products of questionable value and price.
Networkers on the Information Highway - "The revolution in computers during the last decade has profoundly changed the abilities of networkers to run their businesses."
Choosing an MLM Software Provider - Eight killer questions you must ask.  This article by Mike Sheffield explains in detail some of the key reasons to make this decision carefully.
MLM In Cyberspace - The ramifications of the internet on the MLM Industry are beginning to be explored.   This article looks at some of the effects of internet rumors - internet marketed pyramid schemes - website ownership issues - Spamming problems - supervision and control issues - and more.
High Tech Meets MLM - Rapid changes in technology are creating questions about everything from subscription forms and applications to order forms and delivery requests.  Find out the current trends and assumptions as high tech processes begin to change the way we do business.
The Electronic MLM - The legal issues of electronic contracts and agreements are being defined, keeping pace with the opinions and strategies remains vital for planning purposes.
SkyBiz or SkyScam - The FTC's position is that individuals bought the website hosting packages, not because they needed them, but in fact because they were "buying into the deal" and into a pyramid headhunting scheme.
Meta Tags - MLM Subliminal Marketing - Internet marketing and positioning is a "behind the scenes" game - and has been played poorly by some.
MLM Sales on the Internet - Increased ability for online sales has states issuing decisions about sales tax that are unpopular for MLM distributors.
Dot Com or Dot Scam? - E-commerce and the Internet are dramatically changing the way network marketing companies do business, from communications, documentation, and sales catalogs to new products and services.  Hello "good, bad and ugly".
MLM Law - Protecting Your Copyright - The how and why of copyright law, as it applies to an information rich society.
The Time Is Now - MLM Marketing is coming into its own as technological and economical forces come together to form an incredible time of opportunity.
Patent 101 for MLM Executives - The law about patents: who and what. This article is of particular interest for MLM company owners and executives.

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